LCA: Broken World

Raised on a diet of Social Distortion, Bad Religion, Refused, Guns N Roses, A.F.I, Rancid, and the Cure, LCA molded a punk rock sound that will bring you to your knees before you throw yourself out a window.

Available: 04/05/05 - US Broken World is their 2nd full length album.

"I'm spoiled. It's not fair I get this CD now to review and the rest of you must wait 'til April 4th... Once, not too long ago, I was playing a dumb game of hypothetically building a new band by using members of other bands... y'know, one of those "wouldn't it be cool if..." games. Wouldn't it be cool if some guys from Social Distortion got together with some guys from the Dropkick Murphys, and maybe, I dunno... showed all these screamo guys how you really incorporate screams and back up vocals into a punk song? Wouldn't that be cool? Imagine my suprise when I popped in the Lost City Angel's latest to discover that's exactly what they were thinking. Wouldn't that sound cool? This is how it's done. Incredible song construction on par with Green Day's recent stuff, the right mix of "whoas" to make Pennywise jealous... punk to it's core, and showing the veterans how it's done. This is a must for 2005. If you don't pick it up kid, you'll see it again next January with my best of 2005 list..."


Boston Phoenix's Top 10 local albums of 2005:

Sun Herald


1. Liberation
2. Final Wish
3. Pretty War
4. Buried Dreams
5. Faithless On The Floor
6. Broken World
7. Im Trying
8. Clutching At Shadows
9. Walk Away
10. Tonights The Night
11. Cuts In Blood
12. Todays The Day
13. Hardly Seems

Todays The Day

Fearless TV