Lost City Angels

"As a band, we've seen the sketchyest behind the scenes work that runs labels today. As people, we've come across the scummiest "I don't give a shit about you" attitudes that take the fun out of music and playin it. With Stay Gold and the staff in NYC we've found our safe haven. People that give a shit about our music and message, and don't give a fuck about the bullshit that comes hand in hand with record labels today...egos and assholes." -Adam


Raised on a diet of Social Distortion, Bad Religion, Refused, Guns N Roses, A.F.I, Rancid, and the Cure, LCA molded a punk rock sound that will bring you to your knees before you throw yourself out a window.

Touring constantly since 2001, LCA have brought their sounds to the masses through any resource possible. Headlining tours across the country, DIY hall shows, all ages matinees, opening slots on huge tours, whatever means that will get their message to the next believer, LCA will deliver.

Tours under their belts include stints with such heavy hitters as Social Distortion, The Living End, Flogging Molly, Andrew W.K, DropkickMurphys', Misfits, The Dwarves, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Further Seems Forever, Autopilot Off, Unseen, Reel Big Fish, various dates on Warped Tour 2001-2004.

With over 20,000 listens on PureVolume, and over a kajillion friends on My Space, LCA are all over the geography of the future, and after one listen you'll be right alongside them. Hear the sounds of libertion

Skratch Magazine's Manda-Dex-Punk had this to say:

"First and foremost, reader, let me tell you that this was by far the most spectacular show I've ever seen at Chain Reaction. Not that all the other shows at Chain Reaction suck; it's just that the boys from Lost City Angels brought something special to the mix. Was it their special blend of hardcore and punk? Was it their charming tattoos and black clothing? Could it have been that bottle of Jack Daniel's I saw them passing around after the show? It could have been all three of those things, but it wasn't. What it was was their incredibly well-written music, their wonderful sound while on stage, and a great and enthusiastic stage presence. The band took the stage a bit sooner than I thought they were going to, so I missed the first song. I was standing in the alley of the club talking to some friends when I heard them playing and said, "Hey, that band sounds really good. Let's go check them out." Lo and behold, it was LCA (Lost City Angels, for all those who can't figure out abbreviations). I was able to get right up front against the stage to watch the set. Some people have described LCA's sound as Green Day meets Pennywise, but that in no way does the band justice. If I had to define their sound, I'd say they were Rancid meets Hot Water Music-but that's still not even coming close. I was blown away. Never have I heard harmonies done so well live, and the bass was so booming that you could feel it shaking deep down inside of you (which is, of course, superb). I found myself singing along to every song. I especially loved it when they played my two favorite songs off of their new album BROKEN WORLD, "Liberation" and the title track. On yet another wonderful song off the album, "Hardly Seems", bassist Duggan did a great job singing the first verse. Although his voice is rough, it can still carry a tune wonderfully. Guitarist Nick Bacon hopped down into the audience to play a solo with the crowd, which absolutely ate it up. Sometime during the show it seems as though singer Ron Ragona split the back of his pants, probably while leaning down into the audience or while rocking out on stage. I could be wrong but that's what it looked like. I wasn't staring at his butt the whole time or anything like that. He's a married man and all. I had only one regret at the end of the night: missing that first song. Drummer Adam Shaw happens to have my screen name and IMs me every once in a while. The other day I told him that there was no way Lost City Angels couldn't make it big-and I meant that. Watching them live only reinforced that belief. Never before have I believed in a band as much as I believe in these guys. If they are ever playing a show in your area, do yourself a favor and go watch them. It's worth the eight-dollar ticket."

photos by Jon Clemons