Jersey: Generation Genocide

Every once in a while you run into a band that is the Real Deal. This is one of those times. Meet Jersey.

Available: 04/27/04 - US Generation Genocide is their 3rd full length album.

"Rising from the ashes of Grade with a punk rock grin, Jersey is picking up speed here on their major label debut, "Generation Genocide". After two independent releases and a number of excursions on the Warped Tour, these Canadians seem to be unstoppable on the punk circuit with their upbeat take on the Rancid formula. They guzzle up the old Bay Area flavor that we all loved back in the day and spit it out seemingly intent on rejuvenating the scene with this 15 track speed demon. They're sprightly, jovial, and enthusiastic - what else would you expect from our neighbors to the north?"
"Listening to songs on this album is almost like hearing punk rock parables - I'll take that over whining about heartbreak any day."One Way Street" has got to be my favorite song on the album. The music is fun, and the lyrics are just too well written as a whole for me to paraphrase, so definitely do a google search and check them out - or better yet, get the album and hear it all firsthand. If good music can stir your heart, you won't regret it."
"Go ahead, sing along. Everyone else in the bar is. For a record so mercifully free of compressed production trickery, the plaintive keyboards that chime in for "Crossfire"'s verses are initially shocking. But it's just Jersey's softer side showing through, as the cut's chorus is as righteous and empowering as anything on Generation Genocide. It's right back to a muscular 1977 punk tumble for "One Way St.," and the Clash are a natural and welcome reference for the strong hooks and propulsive rhythms of "Old Bones and Dirty Coffins." Hard work, hard living, and hard lessons are Genocide's thematic avenues. They meet head-on for the heartfelt standout "Shop Floor," where Taylor is told in no uncertain terms by his foreman not to end up a casualty to the company store."
"Jersey have dished up a pleasing array of bang-on, roots-and-branches punk rock with Generation Genocide; an album that definitely carries its own weight. The 14 tracks that grace the album are chock full of wonderfully distorted guitar bits, full-fledged runs of deliciously raucous chord melting, and some wildly apparent bass plucking from John Lubera. Mixed in with the up-front punk-meets-hard rock concoctions are some rather deep pockets of melody and attractive rhythms, especially on title track 'Generation Genocide', 'Violation Detonation', and the lip-smacking 'Lessons'. Although most punk fans may find the use of keyboards a little foreign when it comes to this brand of music, Greg Taylor's keyboard work is right on the mark, and it doesn't take anything away from any of the track's rocket-fuelled glory."
" ... a kick ass fifteen track blast o' punk rock that immediately brought to mind Rancid (especially in the vocal department). Catchy tunes with sing-a-long choruses and bouncy bass lines. (...) Jersey are a welcome throwback to Bay Area style punk.


1. This Town
2. Generation Genocide
3. The Story Of '53
4. Shop Floor
5. Crossfire
6. One Way Street
7. Violation
8. Lessons
9. Interlude
10. Saturday Night
11. Richmond Resurrection
12. Old Bones And Dirty
13. Hour Glass
14. City Streets
15. Initiative