Some musicians are meant to be heard but not seen - merely an auditory experience and nothing more. Berlin's IAMX, on the other hand, isn't merely a band... it's an event - a full-on aural and visual attack with the dynamic and inimitable Chris Corner (of Sneaker Pimps) leading the charge. With the European marketplace going bonkers for his blend of dramatic synth-rock, darkness-infused pop, and intricately-constructed indie dance, IAMX has been headlining festivals in Austria, Belgium, CZ Rep, Poland, etc. and sharing the stage with Placebo, Franz Ferdinand, and The Cardigans among others.
Like an 80s electro glam soundtrack to a Jan Svankmajer film or an almost unfathomable hybrid between the sexy swagger of Prince and the cool and collected respectability of Roxy Music, IAMX mixes Chris' erotically-charged vocals with music that is, at once, frantic yet controlled. With such strikingly cinematic songs as the waltzy drama of "President" to the percussive sexual predatory dirtiness of "The Negative Sex" to the indelibly infectious synthpop of the sweeping "Spit It Out", The Alternative is exactly just that - the alternative to the cookie-cutter music scene that dominates the airwaves. Considering the rabid reception he receives from his performances, it seems it's time for the masses to latch onto The Alternative.

When IAMX blew into SxSW Music Festival with their mesmerizing live show, Music industry trade Hits Magazine reported, "Consensus word of mouth today was that IAMX, played stellar show." Back from their sold out US tour, IAMX will be hitting UK to transfer some of the overwhelming buzz and announcing the release of their second album The Alternative.

"Think Muse, but more out there, and sounding both stadium sized rock and seedy Berlin underground at the same time..."
- Londonist, UK
"Like a sleek, modernist upgrade of Nine Inch Nails' Pretty Hate Machine." Guardian, UK
"IAMX will have you on your feet and grooving no matter where you are at." Racket Magazine, Las Vegas
"Although it has always been said that the hardest thing to do is to create massively appealing songs that will be both lyrically genius and melodically catchy, Chris Corner has, with IAMX, seemingly defied the odds to effortlessly hit the jackpot."
- Subculture Magazine, US
"Heavier, dirtier and more sinister than the Sneaker Pimps' listener-friendly sounds, The Alternative is almost industrial without the excessive noise. Taking the buzzes from that genre and mixing them with electro elements, orchestral washes and Corner's dangerous delivery makes for a tempting mix."
- Remix Magazine

"The Alternative is a must-have record." Caught In The Carousel, US

"Love this album so much - it is truly dynamic." GBH, US

"Songs described as the best [Depeche Mode's] Martin Gore never penned." Austin Chronicle, US
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