Richard Bacchus

Richard Bacchus and the Luckiest Girls mix the sparkle and boogie of T. Rex with the sleazy street wise sneer of the New York Dolls and top it off with a healthy dose of angst-ridden punk pop in the vein of the Buzzcocks and the Pixies. Bacchus' tunes remind one of the concise rock n' roll narratives of Chuck Berry's Maybelline or Memphis, TN set within a vivid "Mean Streets" environment worthy of the best of Gansta Rap (Biggie, Wu-Tang) ; a demi-monde populated by beautiful losers, hustlers with hearts of gold and all manner of angels or demons, now flightless from flying too close to the sun. Onstage they erupt with a rollicking joie de vivre in almost flagrant flouting of the often darkly poingant subject matter. Informed by every rock record from Howlin' Wolf to Franz Ferdinand they seem to say "we're all stuck down here together, so let's have a good time. -Rev.Timmy James Richard's Solo album "Jet Black & Beautiful", coming out this summer features guest appearances by Sami Yaffa (New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks, Joan Jett) Frank Ferrer (Guns N'Roses, Psychedelic Furs) Christine Smith (Jesse Malin, Ryan Adams) and a Rowdy rogues gallery Friends and fellow Criminals.

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